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Access to To-Do list

Captain, Admin of the project or Project manager can restrict access to To-Do lists by setting permissions for other users. You can set up the access when creating To-Do list or anytime later.

Go to the Users section in the project detail and set up who and can see To-Do lists.

Animation of permission settings for To-Do lists.

Invite user to particular To-Do list only

You can invite new user directly to particular To-Do list in project. Go to section Users on detail of the project > click on green plus button and select user > unselect option Invited users will see all To-Do lists and choose To-Do lists accessed by the user.

Remeber to always access at least one To-Do list, otherwise the user will have access to all of them.
Set up access to To-Do lists for user.
Updated on 30.9.2020

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