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Admin and Project manager role

Admin of the project and Project manager are available roles in Trial, Team and Business plans.

Glossary of basic terms

  • Project manager — Allows you to create projects from your account under the Captain’s account.
  • Admin of the project — Can see and do the same thing on the project as his boss.
  • Captain / boss = Project owner. It counts to its limit of active projects.

Project manager role

Project manager is your man Friday. You can create new projects and invite users to them without limits. At the same time, the project manager becomes an Admin of the projects he has created. Admin can see everything as Captain (owner) of the project, user’s statements, To-Do lists, hour rates, etc.

How to set up Project manager role?

Set up the Project manager in the section Users > All users via the three-dot menu on the right > then choose Give Project manager role. The role can be removed the same way as well.

How do you remove a Project manager?

The role can be removed via the three-dot menu on the right side > Remove project manager role.

If you do not want to be a Project manager (when someone gave you the role), you can remove it yourself in the Users section.

In the All Users section you have an overview of who the Project manager is and who is not.

Projects based Project manager are still yoursAccount owner (you are the Captain/boss of these projects).

This is how Project Manager sees the project. You will always be the captain of the project. When creating a new project, Project manager must select your name.

How do you cancel an automatic Admin of the project when starting up through a Project Manager?

If you don’t want Project Manager to be an Admin in projects you invite him to do, you can easily cancel it in your Settings.

Check this box if you want your Project Manager to become an Admin on projects where you invite him.

Admin role

Admin sees the same thing on the project as his Captain/boss. That is, the financial statements of invited users and budgets. It can also invite and remove other users and Admin or restrict the visibility of notes and To-Do sheets. You always choose an Admin for a particular project or projects. Project Manager automatically becomes Admin in projects which created.

How do you set up an Admin of the project?

You set the Admin in the All Users section via the three-menu menu on the right of the line for a particular user. You will remove the Admin as well.

More tips

  • Let the company create projects only selected people who you project manager role.
  • Set up multiple Admins in your projects to have less dependencies on one person.
  • The project owner can be easily changed by transferring projects.
  • The right project setup is crucial. Get inspired or write to us.
Updated on 21.1.2021

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