You can find the API key in your settings – click on your profile photo (top right) and choose Settings. Slip down completely and here you will find the API key section.

API klíč najdeš ve svém nastavení – klikni na svojí profilovou fotku (vpravo nahoře) a vyber Nastavení. Seskroluj úplně dolů a zde najdeš sekci API klíč.

What is the API key for?

The API key is used to link Freela to other services or to program your own Freelo superstructure.

The complete Freelo API documentation is at freelo.docs.apiary.io.

Through API you can automate:

  • Get information about projects, tasks, and their comments
  • Creating tasks in Freelo
  • Comment on existing tasks


Updated on 26.12.2019

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