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Budget in To-Do list

You can create a new budget or edit the existing one for a To-Do list. From the budget, individual tasks will take money from the virtual budget.

The budget sample in the To-Do list.

How to set up budget for a To-Do list

When creating a new To-Do list

Set up the To-Do list budget when creating it.

When editing To-Do list

Animation: changes to the budget of the existing To-Do list.

What is budget of To-Do list

The To-Do list budget will make it easier for you to make an overview of money and time resources for the project.

An example of using the To-Do list

Imagine the To-Do list as a campaign for which you have $ 10,000. For the realization of the campaign, you need to create and solve several tasks. You assign it to your colleagues or yourself. You spend time or financial expenses on the tasks. So you can watch your work progressively from the budget set and you can check if the whole campaign isn’t over budget.


Updated on 17.4.2020

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