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Change the owner/captain of project

Often happens that people from your team create their own projects within the testing Trial version. When the Trial version runs out they aren’t able to work on these projects, because they exceed the limit of active projects. That’s why the boss decides to pay Freelo from one account, where can be more than 2 projects.

Then you need to move the existing projects under the paid plan. It also helps to keep all projects under one owner that manages them. Other team member work in Free plan.

Transfer the project/change project’s owner is helpful when:

  • your testing version (Trial) runs out and your projects exceed Free plan (maximum of 2 own projects),
  • you’re leaving the employment / team,
  • you want to use Freelo under different account (change the e-mail address).

Transfer the projects via section Projects in top blue menu > All projects > Transfers of projects.

Go to section Projects > All projects > Transfers of projects.

Transfer the project under another user

Projects can be transferred to new owner collectively. Choose option Move to another user and select all project you want to move and also the new owner. Confirm by Convert selected projects.

Change of project owner.

In case you accidentally chose incorrect project or user, you can cancel the conversion via the red button Cancel or three-dot menu > Reject all that will cancel all requested transfers.

Cancel incorrect requested transfer of projects.

Confirmation by new project owner

Future project owner has to accept your transferred projects. New owner will receive notification, that will redirect user to section Projects to confirm the change.

Example of the notification.

New owner can Confirm or Refuse projects transfer.

Confirm or refuse the request.
Select Yes, I want to convert the project to confirm transfer.

In case the conversion is refused, projects will remain the original owner and user will receive notification about request cancelation.

Notification about refused project conversion.

Request project from user

You can request project where you are invited from it’s owner. Go to section Projects > All projects > Transfers of projects > Request from users.

How request project from another owner.

Project owner will receive notification. User can Confirm or Refuse the conversion.

Confirm or refuse the transfer request.

In case the original owner confirms the transfer, project will appear in your own projects. You will get the notification also when the owner refuses project transfer.

What will be solved thanks to transfer of the project:

  • Owner/captain of the project will be changed.
  • Invited users to the project will be transferred.
  • The amount of your active projects will be higher.
Updated on 2.10.2020

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