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Copying a task

Just as you can move the task, it can be copied. Copying is a good way to make it easier to work with type tasks

TIP: How to use copy tasks to simple processes

The task can include sub-tasks, so it can be used to create simpler processes. From this task, you can create a new one by copying, and you do not have to create a subtitle manually from scratch.

Copying a task is done through the context menu (three dots)  on the left of the task line. Here you choose Copy option and the form appears below the task name:


You can choose whether you want to copy comments or files that contain comments.

Choose project, To-Do list and click on Copying task.

TIP: Use templates instead of copying

Copying the same type of tasks or processes effectively replaces the created templates. When creating a new task, just insert the task or even the entire To-Do list from the template.

You can also copy the task on the right side directly in the task detail:

Updated on 23.1.2020

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