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How to create new task

There are few ways how to create a new task in Freelo. Via the plus button in the upper blue bar on the left, or add to specific To-Do list in project detail or via keyboard shortcut wherever in Freelo.

When adding task set up:

New task via Plus button

This is probably the fastest way to create new task. In upper blue bar click on + icon and Add task.

Add new task in Freelo.
How to create new task via plus button.

Select the Project and To-Do list where the task will be placed. Type the name of the task and possibly write down the assignment. You can also attach files, pictures or links.

Form for adding task in Freelo.
Options for new task in Freelo.

You can directly assign a task to someone, set up a deadline and also choose who you want to be notified in case of any updates.

Do you know you can use emoji in all texts in Freelo?

Emojis are great to highlight a name of the project or task. Have a look how to display Emoji panel and choose from a number of emoticons.

New task from project detail

Go to detail of the project, select or create a To-Do list and click on Add task button at the bottom of To-Do list. Do not forget to Save the task.

How to add task on project detail.
How to add task on project detail.
Practical tips for creating new tasks

  • Create multiple tasks – click on little arrow next to the Add task button and select Add multiple tasks…
  • When you select a deadline in the first task and assign it to the user in To-Do list, Freelo will remember and in the new task window pre-sets the same assigned person and deadline.
  • When creating a new task, you can also add subtasks directly.
  • In comments and discussions use mentions by typing @UserName in the text box. The user will receive one-time notification.

New task via keyboard shortcut

Anywhere in Freelo you can use a keyboard shortcut to create a new task: Alt + Shift + N. It allows you to simply and quickly create a task without leaving the current page.

Just select the project and To-Do list where you want the task to be placed. Type the task name and optional are other details – assign it to the user, set up the deadline or add subtasks.

Example how to add task via keyboard shortcut.
Example how to add task via keyboard shortcut.

New task from e-mail

Create new task directly from e-mail. First generate unique e-mail address for particular To-Do list, where you want the task to be placed. Copy the e-mail address and paste it as a recipient of the e-mail. In subject type the task name. In e-mail text type all the detail/assignment. You can also add files.

Click on three dot icon on the left from To-Do list name. Select E-mail for task creation… and then Generate an e-mail for this To-Do list. The generated e-mail type as the e-mail recipient in your e-mail client.

How to generate e-mail address for To-Do list.
How to generate e-mail address for To-Do list.
Create tasks from Gmail

Do you use Gmail? You might like Freelo Gmail addon that enables you to create tasks directly from e-mails in Gmail.

Updated on 26.3.2021

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