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Create a task from e-mail

For each To-Do list, you can generate an e-mail address to which you send an e-mail to create a new task. E-mail subject will become the name of the task and from the content will be the first comment. Files in attachments will be also added.

E-mail addresses can be generated for each task. Such an e-mail will be adding just comments to the discussion.

We recommend that you save the generated addresses between your contacts directly in the mail application. You do not have to come back to Freelo every time when you needed.

Notification emails

All of our notification emails can also be answered by e-mail. Such a response will be included also with all attachments. It will look the same as if the user wrote it directly from the web application.

This is often useful for users, typically clients, who do not go directly to Freelo so often. Everything that is important to them and they respond to it in the classic way they are used to – they can reply just by e-mail.

Updated on 30.9.2020

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