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Creating a new project

The easiest way to create a new project is by clicking on the plus icon at the top left of the header. You can also create a new project using the keyboard shortcut ALT + Shift + P.

Project name and how to change it?

Just click on the name of the project and it changes to the edit field. Write the new name you selected for the project and click on Save button.

Project term

For each project, you can set the deadline for the entire project to be completed. Freelo alerts you 14 days before the scheduled date by e-mail.

To set the term, click the link next to the project title:

Creating a Project as Projectman

If someone has identified you with a projectman – typically your boss or someone who is paying Freelo – you will always see this option before creating a new project:

You can choose whether you want to create the project under your own account or under the boss who has given you the role of Projectman.

Updated on January 22, 2020

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