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Creating a new task

You can create a new task in Freelo in two ways. Through the Plus button in the upper blue bar on the left or by adding it to a specific project and To-Do list.

New task via the Plus button

Animation Adding a new task via Plus button in the top menu.

In the Form, you can select the Project, To-Do list, and enter the name of the task and the content of the first comment or entry. You can even attach the files.

When you adding a task, you can assign it to someone and also set who is to be notified. Another option is to do from a simple task Recurrent task.

New task on project detail

Go to a project, select or create a To-Do list and click the Add Task button at the bottom.

Practical tips for creating new tasks

  • To create multiple tasks, click the arrow next to the Add Task button.
  • When you select a date in the first task and assign it to the user, a new task window opens with the same assignment of the assigned person and date.
  • When creating a new task, you can straight add sub-task.
  • When writing in a text box, use a one-time alert for colleagues (mention) – @username.

Updated on October 16, 2017

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