The Dashboard serves as a general board for summary of all the tasks across projects. You can get there via the house icon from anywhere in the application.

Dashboard remembers the last used filters – even those unsaved. So when you go on the detail of the task and back to Dashboard, you will get exactly where you ended before.

Dashboard is divided into four parts:

1. Assigned to me

It is a list of all tasks assigned to you across all the  projects. These tasks are ranked according to deadline and order in To-Do lists in particular projects.

2. My tasks priorities

Section My tasks priorities is the shortlist of tasks you marked as important. You can mark the tasks by adding a star. This is useful, for example, when you are planning what to work on the next day. You have an instant view what is important to you.


The advantage is that even if someone completes the task, the term changes or the solver is changed several times, the task is still in your priorities and you can check it.

On the right side of My tasks priorities, you can set up the view of the task’s subsumption in the To-Do list and the project.

How do you add a task to My tasks priorities?

There are three ways to set it up. When you are on Dashboard, keep the cursor over the task, a star appears on the left from the task name. Just click on the star. The next is to click on three-dot menu on the left from task name and choose Add to my priorities or on the detail of the task there is menu in the right column.
You can mark every task with an asterisk to add it to My tasks priorities. Remove a task from the list the same way – click on the asterisk and unmark it. More about priorities is here.

How the tasks work in My Priorities

When you complete the task directly by clicking on the checkbox, it will automatically disappear from your list.

If you or someone else completes the task elsewhere in the application, the task in the My tasks priorities remains grey in the list – that means it has been completed. It is up to you whether you keep it on the list.

You can move tasks up and down using the arrow on the right.

3. I have assigned to others

List of all tasks across all projects you’ve assigned to someone else.

4. I created myself

List of all tasks across all projects created by you.

Custom views (Saved filters) on Dashboard

On Dashboard, you can filter tasks, save your search and then just switch between them. The active filter is always highlighted and says which parameters you have pre-set.

Such a filter will allow you to check those tasks that someone has recently completed or resolved by colleagues. We recommend you to try the filters and save the ones you use frequently. Task control is then much faster and more efficient.

My filter for all tasks after deadline.

Favorite Views (Filters):

Filter: Tasks without deadline

I will find out if there are any tasks across projects without a deadline.

  • All projects
  • Tasks without deadline

Filter: Completed tasks „Caroline Parsley“

I can find out what tasks related to Caroline are completed across all the projects.

  • Selected or all projects
  • Tasks related to someone
  • Completed tasks
  • I have assigned the others

Filter: Tasks after the deadline „Caroline Parsley“

I can find out which tasks related to Caroline have passed the due date.

  • Selected or all projects
  • Tasks assigned to the user
  • All tasks after deadline
  • I assigned the others

Filter: Deadline was not complied

I can find out which tasks are not resolved by the deadline.

  • Selected or all projects
  • All tasks after deadline
  • Unfinished tasks

Filter: Tasks without assigned user

I can find out which tasks through projects do not have assigned solver.

  • Selected or all projects
  • Unassigned tasks

Line up your views

You can order your saved filters via drag and drop.

Example how to line up your filters.

Summaries of the latest activities in projects

Timesheets & Reports

The way to quickly check the newest reports for last period.

Latest project activities

The most detailed way to track all the project activities. It shows all the important actions over tasks, To-Do lists, projects and notes.

Latest discussions on projects

Every task has a discussion. Usually there is a large amount of comments. In this section you can see the recent discussions, across all the projects. You can also share the discussion with someone who does not use Freelo, via the secret link. No need to copy anything.

TIP quick way see all task details without leaving Dashbaord

Just click on the small bubble icon with the number of comments or use keyboard shortcut mouse over the task + Q. Pop-up window will appear.

Updated on 4.2.2021

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