The Dashboard serves as a bulletin board for summary information across projects.

Dashboard is divided into four parts:

1. Assigned to me

It is a listing of all tasks assigned to me across projects. These tasks are ranked according to deadline and order in To-Do sheets in projects.

2. My priority tasks

Section My priority tasks on the Dashboard is such a shortlist, where you can save by using the stars in any task in Freelo. This is useful, for example, when you plan to work the next day, you want to see something specific or just find it faster.


The advantage is that even if someone completes the tasks, the term changes or the solver changes several times, the task is still in your priorities and you are supervised.

In the right part of My priority tasks, you will influence the display of the task’s inclusion in the To-Do list and the project.

Setting bookmarks My priority tasks on the Dashboard.

How do you add a task to My Priorities?

You will find an asterisk on the Dashboard at the end of the task line (on the right). Or, in the To-Do list on the left side of the task line, click the three-tier menu and click Add to My Priorities. You can mark each Freelo task with an asterisk to add it to My priority tasks. You remove a task from the list in the same place.

How the tasks work in My Priorities

When you complete the task directly by clicking on the checkbox, it will automatically disappear from your list.

If you or someone else completes the task elsewhere in the application, the task in the My Priorities list remains with a clearly visible strikethrough – that is, it is completed. If you keep it in the list, it’s up to you.

You can move tasks up and down using the handle on the right of the task line.

3. I assigned the others

List all tasks across all projects you’ve assigned to someone.

4. I created myself

List all tasks across all the projects you’ve created.

Custom views (stored filters) on the Dashboard

On the Dashboard, you can filter tasks, save your search and then just switch between them.

Such a filter will then allow you to check those tasks that someone has recently completed or have been dealt with by colleagues. We recommend that you try the filters and save the ones you use frequently. Task control is then much faster and more efficient.

You can find the filters at the top right of the Dashboard. They can be hidden and displayed via the magnifying glass icon.

Favorite Views (Filters):

Filter: Tasks without deadline

I will find out if there are any tasks across projects without a deadline.

  • All projects
  • Tasks without deadline

Filter: Completed tasks „Petra Slezáková“

I will find out what tasks related to Petra Slezáková are completed across the projects.

  • Selected or all projects
  • Tasks related to someone
  • Completed tasks
  • I assigned the others

Filter: Tasks after the deadline “Petra Slezáková”

I know which tasks for the user are already overdue.

  • Selected or all projects
  • Tasks assigned to the user
  • All tasks after deadline
  • I assigned the others

Filter: Deadline was not respected

I will find out which tasks across projects are not resolved by the deadline.

  • Selected or all projects
  • All tasks after deadline
  • Unfinished tasks

Filter: Tasks without solver

I will find out which tasks through projects do not have a solver assigned.

  • Selected or all projects
  • Unassigned tasks

Summaries of the latest activity on projects

Reports & Summaries

The way to look quickly at the latest period reports.

Latest activities on projects

The most detailed way to track project activity. It shows all important actions over tasks, To-Do sheets, projects and notes.

Latest discussions on projects

Each task has a discussion in which there are many comments. In this section you will see all the discussions that have taken place across the projects in recent times.

TIP for a quick way to look into the discussion without leaving Dashbaord

Just click on the small bubble icon with the number of comments. This will display the entire discussion window.

Updated on January 22, 2020

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