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Deadlines of tasks and projects

Deadlines are alpha and omega of effective work. You can set them for the whole project or just for specific tasks. You will deal with tasks more often and will do the greatest service.

You can view the assignments in Task Calendar, Dashboard or Project Details on individual To-Do lists.

Sample calendar when setting the task date.

Project completion date

If you want to specify a timeframe for the entire project, set the completion date in the project detail by clicking on the Term next to the project name and select the date you want.

Deadline and time of the task

You can set the term not only as a fixed date but also as a time frame from-to, as soon as the task is created. You can find the setting of due date under the text editor for comments.

Task with deadline and completion time

Select the option with the term in the form and choose the date and event. time of fulfillment.

Animation assignment of time to the task.
E-mail alert before the task's deadline

In the Settings you can choose when to receive e-mail alerts for coming tasks with set deadline.

Task with a floating deadline from – to

Open editing of the task via pencil icon and in the form choose Runs from – to. Use calendars and time selection to set up the expected beginning and end of the task.

TIP: This way you can set expected time.

Example how to set up floating deadline.
Several ways to enable editing of terms

  • Click Assign / Date … The button appears after you hit a task line that has no assignments yet
  • Click assigned user at task
  • Click the terms icon at the end of the task line name to open a straight-through selection window.
  • Click the end of the taskbar on the context menu (three dots) and select Assign, Edit, Term

Updated on 30.9.2020

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