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Discussions and comments

The basic building stone of Freelo communication is a discussion. These are made up of comments. Comments are the main entity in which you can write texts and attach files to them.

Most of the events, activities, and alerts are being circulated in Freelo about comments.

You can add a comment when creating a task and commenting on a detail of a task or notes.

How to add a comment in a discussion to a task

Click on any task name and scroll down below. You will see the following form:

Sample: empty field for comment.

Just type the text and click the Save button. TIP: Function Save and Finish task is hidden under the arrow.

Surely you see a few other checkboxes. These are used to make frequent actions directly when submitting a comment in one step. You can look at a detailed comment below.

An example of a comment

An example of a comment on a task detail.
Use one-time mentions of users via @UserName

You can use @mention directly when you writing. This is the one-time remind that anyone who has access to a project or task. It is good if you only want to say one thing to yourself or someone else, and it is not necessary to follow the discussion in the future.

Freelo discussion sample

Freelo discussion sample

Discussion & Comment Features

  • The comment may contain formatted text and files.
    • Image files are displayed in large thumbnails.
    • Other files are displayed with an icon based on their type.
  • You can delete the comment within 15 minutes.
  • You can edit your comment at any time, and you can see editing history for everyone
  • You can “like” your comments with the thumb. This will appear after the comment on the bottom right.
    • TIP: Liking can be used to vote on the proposal.

Reply to discussion via e-mail!

If you have set up email notifications, you can easily and quickly respond to the discussion by answering it. So you do not have to leave your email client at all. TIP: It is a perfect solution for quick reactions from your mobile.

TIP: Attach the files

You can also attach a file attachment to your e-mail. Freelo will be advised and everything will be displayed correctly in the discussion.

P.S.: Your email signature or the history of the entire email conversation is cleverly hidden.

Updated on 1.4.2020

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