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Export / Download CSV

Do you need to share data with your colleagues or clients, another way than in Freelo? Sometimes it can be useful to send data in classic table/chart. Maybe you also need to print some tasks for a meeting.

Now you can export or download:

  • To-Do list
  • The whole project


Export particular To-Do list

Do you need to copy the current structure of To-Do list? You don’t need to rewrite anything, simply just export it. Feature Export is in every To-Do list in three-dot menu on the left from To-Do name.

Go to three-dot menu and select Export.

The export will/won’t include completed tasks and subtasks. It’s up to you. Choose in next window and confirm > Export.

Select data, that you want to include.

Copy the exported data via Copy to clipboard green button.

Example of exported To-Do list.

The exported structure of To-Do list input as a template via feature Add more features, when creating new To-Do list. This is great help when creating typified projects and To-Do lists, that are always similar. It also helps to keep the same process or improve it time to time.

Export all To-Do lists at once

This feature helps you to export the whole structure of the particular project. Go to project detail > red headline To-Do lists > find three-dot menu on the right and select Export. Choose whether you want to include finished tasks and subtasks > Copy to clipboard.

Example how export the whole project.

Download CSV file (table/Excel)

Download CSV of To-Do list

CSV file is good when you need to send an overview to your boss or colleague. Exported file is in table format. In the report are following information: name of the project, To-Do list, task, deadline, solver, date of creation etc.

Go to three-dot menu on the left from To-Do list name > Download (CSV) and the downloading will automatically start.

Option to download CSV overview of the To-Do list.
CSV table includes – project name, To-Do list, task, link, task status, solver, deadlines, information about creating, author, number of comments, number of subtasks, number of finished subtasks and details about time/cost tracking.

Download CSV of the whole project

Go to Projects in upper blue section > All projects > every project has three-dot menu on the right > select Download (CSV). You can download/export any project in Freelo.

How download overview of the whole project.
Updated on 5.10.2020

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