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Following users and default task solver over To-Do list

You can now set up following users and default task solver of To-Do list via three-dot menu. Thanks to this feature it’s possible to set, which other users should follow tasks of this To-Do list and get notifications of changes (for example moving a task from one To-Do list to another, comment or resolving task, …). Users will have better overview of what is working on and in which state tasks are.

This feature is great for example in kanban, where you have To-Do lists organized as status of tasks (for example Inbox, In progress, Done). You can set up users who follow To-Do list In progress, and every time a task is moved from Inbox to In progress, users will get a notification and have an overview of what is already in progress.

Set up following of To-Do list

This feature is useful, when you want the users to:

  • know about everything, what’s going on in To-Do list,
  • users get notification of changes on tasks.

A selection of users is shown after choosing Turn on To-Do list following users. Selected users now follow existing and new tasks in To-Do lists.

You can turn on or turn off the following of existing tasks in To-Do list to users, which you recently added or removed thanks to Enables following of existing tasks for the users selected above.

Default task solver

Pomocí možnosti Výchozí řešitel úkolů můžete nastavit uživatele, který bude defaultně přiřazený jako řešitel nových úkolů v To-Do listu.

You can now set up a default task solver, which will be assigned to new tasks of To-Do list, thanks to Default task solver option.


Updated on 4.2.2021

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