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Good to know about projects

On the page All projects, you’ll find a list of all the projects that concern you:

Above every project you can see who have invited you.

Switch between projects quickly. Use the top menu in the section Projects.

Drop-down menu of all projects.

Types of projects

Projects are divided into four parts in Freelo.

Projects where someone invited you

Somebody else has invited you into his/her project. The number of them is unlimited. They are free and you do not pay for those projects.

My projects

These are projects you have created yourself under your personal account. You can have the amount of projects according to Freelo plan you use. If you have the Project manager role, you can create projects under someone else’s account (the captain’s), and such a project will appear in Projects where someone invited you.

Project templates

Templates are projects, where you pre-set the structure of the project and use them repeatedly. You can create a template when you are in section All projects and then click on the three-dot menu on the right side of the project > choose Create a template from the project.

Archived projects

Own projects can be archived and “put to sleep”. The archived project does not count in the project limit and you can have them as much as you want. You can restore archived project anytime with all data kept just the way you leave them.

How to work with archived projects.

Project Filtering & Project tags

On the left, you can filter projects by type or tags. You can set them on the project detail right below the project name:

Tag settings on the project detail.
Projects can be filtered by labels.

Tags are set according to yourself – you will see them and no one else.

More about tags.

Updated on 26.3.2021

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