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How to assign a task to a user?

You can assign a task to a user in several cases. When you´re creating a task when you writing a comment in a task discussion or on any page with a To-Do list and tasks.

How to assign user to task – animation.

By assigning a task to a user, you say that you want to solve it or at least start solving it.

TIP: Always assign a task to a particular person

Unassigned tasks are often forgotten. Therefore, always choose and assign the person who can quickly move it to finish.

Once a user is assigned to the task, he/she receives alerts about the different statuses of the task. E.g. when someone comments a task or changes the date. You can set up your e-mail notifications and other alerts as you need them.

Assign a task to a user when you´re creating it

When creating a task, navigate to the Who Tasks section, where to select a specific user.

You can select only one user to solve the task.

Assign a user while creating a task.

Assign/Change assignments when commented on a task

Frequent operations over tasks are comments. To add a comment and submit the task to another colleague, check the resolver’s change and select it from the list.

Animation: user assignment when adding a comment.
Updated on November 11, 2017

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