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How to assign a task?

When you assign a task to someone it means you want the user to solve it or at least start working on it. Every task can be assigned to one particular person. The solver can be changed anytime, but it is always one person at the time.

There are also subtasks, which can be newly also assigned to users. It allows you to divide the activities and tick off the subtasks step by step.

Once the user is assigned to the task, he will receive notifications about the status of the task. For example when someone comments the task, changes a due date or adds a file. E-mail and other notifications are optional and you can set them up as you like in your profile.

There are few ways how to assign a task. So let’s have a look at them.

When creating a new task

When creating a new task, go to field Assign to, where you can select a particular user. It may be only one solver at the time.

TIP: Always assign a task to particular person

Tasks without solver are very often forgotten. You should always select and assign someone, who is the most competent to complete the task.

When adding a comment in the discussion

The most common activity over every task is adding comments in the discussions. To add a comment and submit the task to another colleague, check the resolver’s change and select it from the list.

On the page of To-Do lists

When you have the cursor over the task, click on Assign/Due… and select the solver directly.

Use modal window of the task to quickly edit it

You can quickly edit the name, assignment to the user and due date of the task via modal window. Use keyboard shortcut “mouse over the task + E” and go ahead!

Assign a task to yourself quickly

Thanks to keyboard shortcut mouse over the task + M you can assign a task to yourself at lightning speed. Use the same way to delete your assignment.

Updated on 26.3.2020

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