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How to assign task to many users

You can assign just one main user to the task itself in Freelo. That solver can be changed during the solution of the task. It’s because we think, that just one user should be responsible for the whole task. But there is a possibility, how to tell to many users to work on one task.

Changing the solver

The main solver of the task may be changed during the progress of the task. For example I’m working on a task – I am a solver and I get to the point, when I need documents from my colleague. I write a comment and then I assign the task to the colleague. He give me the documents and assign the task back to me, so I could continue solving.

Changing solver during the solution of the task.

More solvers thanks to subtasks

You can add subtasks to a task and assign them to users. Tasks, where subtask is assigned to me, are also shown on the Dashboard in filter „Assigned to me“. If there is a task, that has an icon of someone else or no icon at all, it means I have a subtask assigned in that task. So I will not forget about these subtasks thanks to that.

Subtasks as task checklist

Subtasks can represent a checklist of the task – steps, that shouldn’t be forgotten during the solution of the task. If you want users to solve a various specific steps, add these steps as subtasks to the task and delegate them to competent users.

Delegation subtasks to many users.

More users solving a task the same way

If you don’t want to divide the work to steps and you want many users to do the same work, just add two or more subtasks – for example names of users, and then assign them.

Assigning subtasks to many users.


Updated on 5.3.2021

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