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How to create a repeating task

You do something today and you need to remind you so we have easy help for you: Create repetitive tasks.

Repetitive tasks are a great tool that makes it quick and easy to open when you choose for your team on what is one to do today, do not forget the weekly report, the accounting will regularly communicate information and much more.

Let Freelo work for you. Beginning of repetitive tasks in the daily work process.

Properties of repetitive tasks

  • A new repetitive task is not created until the last recurring task created in the row has been completed.
  • For a recurring task with a deadline, a new task is created with a so-called moving term shifted by the same number of days.
  • The new task solver will always be the last user assigned, regardless of who completed the task.
  • Repetitive tasks are created at midnight.
Glossary of basic terms

  • when task to repeat – period of repetition
  • repeat every day – the day the task will be repeated
  • workdays only – the task will be repeated on weekdays only
  • since when to create recurring tasks – the date when the first recurring task is created
  • without ending – repetitive tasks will be created infinitely
  • ends after _ repetitions – repeated tasks are repeated only the specified number of repetitions
  • the date ends – the task will not be repeated after the specified date
  • I want a task with a deadline – the task will have a deadline, the task will be created on the 5th day and the deadline will be 10 days, so I will see the task already 5 days and I have 5 days to complete – the first deadline for completing the task
  • not to create a new task, but only to restore the finished task – the task will be restored and with it all the discussions in which it can be continued, statements over the task will merge if you create a new task without any past
  • copy the first comment to a new task – note the most important thing in the first comment, this comment will always be copied to the new repetitive task.

How to create a repetitive task

You can create a repetitive task either from a new task or from an existing task. Another option is to modify the repetitive task to a different repeat sequence.

New recurring task

Add task> Check at bottom Repeat task> The following form appears…

Edit an existing task and a recurring task

You can create a repetitive task from an existing task through the three-point menu on the left side of the task line. All relevant information in the task can be changed.

You can also edit a repetitive task. All relevant information can be changed, such as first comment, deadline, solver or follower. To edit a repetitive task, click the right-hand arrowed arrow icon on the task line or the left-hand menu on the task line.

Canceling a repetitive task

Examples of repetitive tasks

Daily setting of repetitive task

  • repetition every working day (from the date of creation of the repetitive task)
  • the task is repeated four times and then terminated
  • a new task is not created, but the completed task is refreshed

Weekly recurring task settings

  • repetition every week – on Thursday (recurring task day)
  • without retrying
  • a new repetitive task is always created
  • a new task is copied to the repetitive task

Monthly (quarterly) setting of a recurring task

  • repeats every third month of the 5th day of the month
  • the repetition ends on 31.12.2019
  • a new task is always created
  • copy the first comment to a new task

Annual setting of recurring task

  • repetitions every year on Monday 1st of the year
  • without retrying
  • a new task is always created
  • copy the first comment to a new task

Set a recurring task with a deadline

  • repetitions every third week on Tuesday
  • create tasks from 9.7.2019
  • the task is repeated 5 times and then terminated
  • the task has a set deadline – at 8:00 am 4 days after the task has been created
  • a new task is always created
  • copy the first comment to a new task
  • in editing a repetitive task, you set the first task completion date

After saving a repetitive task with a deadline, it is still necessary to set the first deadline for the task by clicking on the right arrow icon on the right of the task line or via the left-hand menu on the left of the task line. Then the term will appear in the calendar and the task will have a deadline.

Set a term for a repetitive task.
View a repetitive task with a calendar term.

I want to see the term of the repetitive task of the future

  • you will create two identical tasks
  • repeating every other week on Friday
  • each task is created on a different Friday
  • both tasks are without ending the repetition
  • both tasks have a deadline of 7 days
  • tasks will be restored
  • in editing for both tasks, you set the first task completion date

The first repetitive task:

The second repetitive task:

View repetitive tasks in the calendar for the future.
How transparent to repetitive tasks? We recommend:

create one single project for repetitive tasks and processes, all in one place.

Updated on July 23, 2019

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