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How to create repeated task

Is there something you do regularly? Do you sometimes forget? We have very useful help for you: Create repeated task. 

Repeated tasks are great tool that will help you to regularly check your team, what are team members working on, you won’t forget the weekly report and an accountant will have all details always on time.

Let Freelo work for you. Use repeated tasks in everyday process.

Features of repeated tasks

  • New repeated task will be created only when you complete the last recurring task created.
  • When there is repeated task with deadline, the new task will be created with slipping due date shifted over the same number of days.
  • Solver of the new task will be always the last user assigned, no matter who completed the task.
  • Repeated tasks are always created at midnight.
  • The planned repeated tasks are not visible ahead.
Vocabulary of basic terms

  • When to repeat the task = period of repetition
  • Repeat every x day = the day, when the task will be repeated
  • Only working days = the task will be repeated only Monday to Friday
  • From when to create recurrent tasks = the date, when the first recurring will be created
  • Never = repeating of the task is endless
  • After x repetitions = repeated task will be repeated only several times
  • Ends on = the task will not be repeated after the specified date
  • I want a deadline assignment = the task will have a deadline, the task will be created on the 5th and the deadline will be on the 10th, so I will see the task in advance and have 5 days to complete it – the first deadline for completing the task needs to be pre-set
  • Do not create a new task, but only restore the completed = the task will be restored also with it all the discussion, where you can carry on, timesheets will be merged, if you create a new task there will be no history
  • Copy the first comment to a new task = note the most important details in the first comment, that comment will be always copied to the new repetitive task

How to create repeated task

You can create a repetitive task either from a new task or from an existing task. Another option is to modify the repetitive task to a different repeat sequence.

New repeated task

Add task > scroll down to Repeat task… > the following form appears…

Edit the existing task

You can create repeated task from an existing task via the three-dot menu on the left side of the task name. You can edit all the important details of the task.

Edit repeated task

You can also edit repeated task. All relevant information can be changed, such as first comment, deadline, solver or follower. Click on the icon of round arrow and editing window will appear.

Cancel repeated task

You can cancel repeated task via the editing window of the task.

Examples of repeated tasks

Task repeated daily:

  • repeats only on working days (from the date of creation of repeated task)
  • task is repeated four times and then terminated
  • new task will not be created, the completed task will be refreshed

Task repeated weekly:

  • repeat every week on Thursday (the day of creation)
  • without ending
  • new repeated task will be always created
  • the first comment will be always copied in the new task

Task repeated monthly (quarterly):

  • repeats every third month on the 5th day of month
  • the repetition ends on 31st December 2020
  • new task will be always created
  • the first comment will be always copied in the new task

Task repeated annualy:

  • repeats every year on the 1st Monday of the year
  • without termination
  • new task is always created
  • the first comment is always copied in the new task

Repeated task with deadline:

  • repeats every third week on Monday
  • starts on 5th May 2020
  • task is repeated 5 times and then terminated
  • the task has deadline at 8AM, 4 days since the creation of the task
  • new task is always created
  • the first comment is always copied in the new task
  • while editing the task, set up the first deadline of the task

After you save the repeated task with a deadline, it is still necessary to set the first deadline. Set up the deadline as usually. Then the term will appear in the calendar and the task will have a deadline.

I want to see deadline of the repeated task in the future:

  • create two identical tasks
  • repeated every other week on Friday
  • each task is created on a different Friday
  • both tasks are without termination
  • both tasks have deadline in 7 days since the creation
  • tasks will be restored
  • while editing both task, set up the first deadline of the tasks

The first repeated task:

The second repeated task:

Set up the due date of repeated task.
Repeated tasks displayed in Calendar.
How to have convenient overview of repeated tasks? We recommend:

Create one single project for repeated tasks and processes, all of them will be at one place.

Updated on 4.2.2021

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