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How to move task

You can move the task in one of the To-Do lists, between To-Do lists, or from a project to a project.

How to move tasks within one project

Each task can be moved via drag & drop (click by mouse and pull the task where you need).

Animation: Moving task between different To-Do lists.

How to move tasks between projects

Moving task between projects can be done through the context menu (three dots) in the right part of the task. Select the Move… option:

Option to move the task in the menu.

The form appears below the task name. Choose project and To-Do list and click on green button Move task.

Window to move task to another project.
TIP: When the project has a lot of To-Do lists...

This mode of shifting is also useful for moving a task in a large project with lots of To-Do lists and tasks.

Warning: When you move a task from someone else's project ...

If you move a task from a project owned by someone else, Freelo will offer you only his projects.

You can also move a task in the To-Do list column view of kanban board:

Move tasks by drag&drop in kanban.
Updated on 30.9.2020

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