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How to Upload Files to a Project

You can attach files to each task. And in a new comment. Each comment can contain two types of files – image and other. These pictures will show up in the discussion straight away with a great preview and the ability to magnify the image.

Three ways to upload files …

  • Drag and Drop to the editor window: Drag the mouse over any file (or more at a time) into the text you are writing, and it will be uploaded for comment.
  • CTRL (CMD) + V: Copy the picture to the clipboard, then paste it directly into the text editor while writing a comment. You can also paste content from the clipboard through the context menu of the mouse (right button).
  • With the Attach File button: The button is in the top text editor bar. Click on it and select one or more files you want to join to the comment.

    An example of a comment with the attached file.
Remember to save the comment

Files are uploaded to the text but need to be saved together with the comment.

Freelo & Dropbox, Google Drive etc…

Even though Freelo is not yet connected to any cloud storage, you can upload shared links to any cloud service without any problems. In the near future, we are going to fully integrate the most used services. #staytuned


Other frequently asked questions

What happens to my text and files when I close my browser window without saving it?

We thought about this situation. This can happen in the following cases:

  • On task details (in Task discussion): Itemized text and uploaded files will wait for you to just open the window again.
  • On the detail of the project when adding a new task: Simply add a task to the To-Do list and see that the text and the files have been waiting for you.
  • In the new task window, which is called with the plus icon in the blue bar: If you have text in this window, we warn you when you´re closing the window by saying that you should not close the window. It is up to you will listen to us :-). If you press the Esc key for the first time, nothing happens. If you squeeze it twice, then we close the window and the text will be irreversibly gone.

How can I download all the files in the comment section at once?

Every comment in Freelo that has more than one file will appear link on the bottom of the page Download All Files in Comments section. Click on it and start downloading a ZIP file with all the files that are in the comment.

The ability to save all files in a comment.

How can I download all files in the entire discussion?

In the right part of the discussion, there are links. If the discussion contains any files, the Download All Files link appears. Click on it to download the ZIP file. This includes all the files that appear in the comments in this task.

The ability to save all files from the entire discussion
Updated on 15.1.2020

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