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Import of the boards from Trello to Freelo

We have prepared an easy way how to import the boards from Trello to Freelo. You will need only two things: generated API key and API token. It will take a minute so let’s get started:

1. Generate API key and API token

Go on Trello website – API key for developers, accept the Trello terms and click on Show API Key.

API key in Trello.

A) API key will display – copy it.

B) Then click on the link to generate the Token.

API key and API token in Trello.

You will see following window (in case you are already signed to Trello). Your permission to read the information from your Trello account is needed.

Generating of Trello API Token.

Click on Allow and then you will see the API token – it will look as the screen below:

Generated Trello API Token.

Copy the second key as well.

2. Imprort in Freelo

Open Freelo Dashboard and go to your account settings via your avatar – Settings.

Settings – where you find import of Trello to Freelo.

..next step Imports > Trello:

Trello import.

Import via API key and token

Insert the keys to the form and click on Load data to import.

Inserting Trello API Key and API Token to Freelo.

All your Trello boards will load. Choose those you wish to have as projects in Freelo.

Sample of imported Trello boards that can be imported.

E-mails setting for imported users from Trello

Why enter users e-mails?

Export from Trello does not provide user’s emails so it needs to be done manually. After assigning the e-mail to the user, connect existing comments with the e-mail address. E-mails can be assigned later on import page. E-mail address does not have to be the same as in Trello.

E-mails setting

E-mail setting of imported users.
Updated on September 10, 2019

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