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Integration of Raynet CRM and Freelo

Raynet is czech CRM system, that helps managers to have a perfect overview. The whole company knows what is happening in Raynet and has better access to information thanks to integration on Freelo. We really recommend to integrate both apps (Freelo to Raynet and Raynet to Freelo).

Enabling Raynet integration

In Freelo

In your settings in Freelo click on section Integration and choose Raynet. Enter your e-mail login from Raynet, account name (from raynet URL https://app.raynet.cz/ACCOUNTNAME/) and API key generated in Raynet.


API key can be copied just once in Raynet

Account name

The account name can be found in URL https://app.raynet.cz/ACCOUNTNAME, or in settings in Raynet.

In Raynet

First a wall activate integration to Freelo in Raynet. Settings > Add-ons > Freelo > Add.

In login section enter your e-mail from FreeloAPI key from Freelo account, that you can find in settings of your profile and you can also set a Label, which helps orientation in CRM. The label (typically „freelo“) will be set automatically after the integration of Freelo project to the business case.

API key of Freelo user inserted in Raynet CRM form for activation of integration.
API key in Freelo.

How does the connection between Raynet CRM and Freelo work?

In Freelo

A section Raynet on detail of the project will be shown after the activation of integration in Freelo. The project can be connected to the client and after that, you can see the client, history of activities and business cases. If you click on them, you will be directed to Raynet.

In Raynet

A section Freelo will be visible in business case after activation of integration in Raynet. There you can create or connect existing project. After that, you will see all tasks from the project.

Via green button „Add a task to project“ you can easily create a task from Raynet straight to Freelo.

Cancellation of Raynet integration

In Freelo

You can cancel the connection in settings of your profile. Integrations > Raynet > Cancel connection.

Change or cancellation of paired client

Just click on the three-dot menu in section Raynet on project detail and choose „Cancel or change pairing“.

After that, you can change a client from Raynet or unpair the client.

In Raynet

You can cancel connection in Account settings > Add-ons > Freelo > Remove.

Cancellation of connection of Freelo project and business case

Just click on „Disconnect Freelo project“. After that, you can connect a case to an existing or new project.

Updated on 9.9.2020

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