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Kanban Board

Are you working with the Kanban method? In Freelo you can create a Kanban Board or a board with columns. You then name the columns (To-Do lists) according to the phases in which your tasks are located. E.g. Task queue, Developed, Completed.

Column Tasks View – Kanban board.

To-Do sheets switch to the column view on the project detail. Go to the To-Do worksheets section and find the option „Change listing“ in three-dot menu to switch the display to columns at the top right.

Freelo will remember the next time you see it in the columns for the project, so you will not have to set it up anymore. You always click on the To-Do list

Now you can start moving tasks between columns according to the current stage:

You can also invite other people, such as a boss or a client, to your Kanban Boards. They then have an overview of what you’re working on and what’s done. 

The column view of the project can only be seen by you. Each user in your team must therefore set it separately.

Updated on 1.4.2020

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