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Keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts helps you to speed up your work with Freelo. You can find them by clicking on the icon of your account in the upper right corner – modal window will appear.

You will see following keyboard shortcuts:

Input of the shortcut will start requested action.

Examples of keyboard shortcuts

Add a new task

Keyboard shortcut – Alt + Shift + N.

Article how to add a new task here.

Create a new project

Keyboard shortcut – Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P.

Article how to create a new project here.

Invite new user

Keyboard shortcut – Alt + Shift + U.

Detailed outline how to invite a new user to Freelo.

Start / Stop time tracking

Keyboard shortcut – Alt + Shift + S.

More about time tracking here.

Keyboard shortcut – Alt + Shift + F.

Quickly assign the task to yourself

Keyboard shortcut – Have the cursor on the task + M.

More about how to assign the task to the users.

Updated on January 15, 2020

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