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Labels of the tasks

Thanks to labels you can mark and array the tasks via adjusted labels through the projects. Simply-looking feature brings the whole list of the new accesses and ways how to organize work within your team.

Examples of using Labels

While creating labels try to make them as short and clear as they can be – then your team will assign them correctly to the tasks. In case you need to rename, merge or delete the label use the Labels management of your account – Labels.

Label as Status

Create labels: Started, In-Progress, Waiting for Approval, …

These labels assign according to status of the tasks. When you filter them you can view only tasks Waiting for Approval etc.

Sample of the task’s labels used in Freelo.

Labels for Sprints

We are using so-called Weekly Sprints in Freelo. What does it mean? On Monday we discuss what needs to be done during the Sprint (week). We go through task responsibilities, how much time it will take to finish it and also who will help. In the best way – all these tasks are done by Friday.

We are using following labels for Sprints: #1 Sprint, #2 Sprint, .. The advantage is that any task across the projects can be marked. Everyone can view his own tasks in current sprint on Dashboard.


Save the filter for this type of filtred tasks on Dashboard. Every week you will only change the label of the current sprint.

Label as “traffic-light” system

It is a simple system known from transportation.

  • Green label: In Progress
  • Orange label: Waiting
  • Red label: Postponed
Sample of well-arranged system of the traffic-light labels used in Freelo

Label “To check”

Quite often heppens the task needs to be approved – by your boss, client or checked by more experienced colleague. In that case it is good to create label To Check which is regularly checked by responsible person and shifts the task to the next stage – even only finishing the task.

How to use Labels

Label creation

Label editing

Label management

Most likely it will happen you need to Merge, Edit or Remove the labels. We have prepared so-called Labels management where you can manage the labels – you are the Project manager or Admin of the project so you can edit them. It simply means you can manage (edit) all the labels, where you are the project Admin.

  • Merge the labels – it is good when the meaning of the labels is similar and you need to merge them in one. Labels will be replaced for tasks where used.
  • Edit the label – permits to change the name or color.
  • Remove the label – deletes the label for all assigned tasks.

Who can edit, create and manage Labels?

Labels can create and edit any user assigned to the project. Not to delete them.
Manage labels (edit, merge, remove) can only the Admins or Project owners.

Filter the tasks according to the Labels

Filtering of the labels is possible via Dashboard or on project detail in To-Do list section. Quick filter of the particular label is available via clicking on any label in Freelo. We do recommend creating custom views filtres which can be followed in time on Dashboard.

How to search the task with the same label via clicking on the label icon:

How to filter the labels on Dashboard:

More inspiration

  • Opened – We are working on it.
  • Finished – In case you do not want to close the task – for example so it does not disappear from the listing.
  • Awaiting Feedback – In case you need more information to finish the task. It would be good to have a responsible team member who will resolve this kind of labels.
  • Will not do – In case you decide not to work on the tasks.
  • Name of the ad campaign – To have a better task overview through all the projects and department (Development, Marketing, Design, Print).
  • Name of the event – When you organize more events at once.
Updated on 4.2.2021

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