Mentions @UsersName

You will notify a particular colleague to read a comment in the discussion or to answer one question for example. You do not have to assign the whole task. It is one-time notification.

One-time user notification

In the editor, type the at-sign. It activates the list of users – with the authority to this project/task – and you can either use the keyboard or gradual typing to narrow down the number of people on the list.

Animations showing the use of the @mention in the comment.
TIP: Do you want to notify all people working on the project?

The mention @project will send one-time notification to everyone you share the project with.

What will appear to this user?

That user will then receive a notification of the mention. E-mail alert depends on its settings, so it does not always get it. However, notifications at the notification center will always appear in the app.

Updated on 20.8.2020

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