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Moving a task

You can move the task in one of the To-Do lists, between To-Do lists, or from a project to a project.

How to move a task from a single project

Once you hit the task line, a pull bar appears on the right and you can grab the whole line and move it both within the single To-Do list or between different To-Do lists.

Immediately after dropping a row, the task location is saved.

Animation: Moving task between different To-Do lists.

How to move task between projects

Moving task between projects is done through the context menu (three dots) in the right part of the task. You select the Move option and the form appears below the task name:

A window for moving a task between projects.

Choose project, To-Do list and click on green button Move task.

TIP: When the project has a lot of To-Do lists...

This mode of shifting is also useful for moving a task in a large project with lots of To-Do lists and tasks.

Warning: When you move a task from someone else's project ...

If you move a task from a project owned by someone else, Freelo will offer you only his projects.

You can also move a task in the To-Do list column view. kanban board:

Updated on 27.3.2020

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