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Overview of completed tasks

Do you want to check out the tasks that you or your team have accomplished? You can get an overview of completed tasks in Freelo in one of the following three ways.

User profile

The first option is to click on your avatar (your profile photo at the top right) and go to the Profile section. There you can find the section Your completed tasks, where you can see a list of your tasks sorted by the date of completion.

If you want to check out the list of tasks accomplished by someone else, go to the Users section on the top bar and click on specific name. You will see colleague’s profile, including a list of his or her completed tasks.


The last option is to use the Dashboard which serves as a general board for summary of all the tasks across projects. You can get there via the house icon from anywhere in the application.

There you can use the active filter in the right column to filter the tasks that you or one of your colleagues have accomplished. Just check Completed Tasks in the Task Status field.

You can also save this filter for faster and easier access to the list of completed tasks in the future. Here you can find more about how to save the filter and which other filters might be useful for you.

Updated on 4.2.2021

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