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Paid vs. free account

Every user starts with a 14-day trial in which Freelo is unlimited. But how does it work after this time? What is the difference between a paid account with any plan vs. free account?

This picture describes the difference:

In Freelo does not apply to individual users. Just one paid account (plan) is enough to invite users without restrictions. These users will remain in the Free version, where they can have a maximum of two own active projects for free and invite two users. A user with a paid account creates projects and invites unlimited team colleagues or clients.

A paid plan account is usually managed by the team leader / project manager / executive.

How to manage projects in a team

If you want to use Freelo in several teams, create a paid account under a general email address, eg freelo@company.com. Assign the role of Project manager to all team leaders. This will allow them to create projects (on behalf of a paid account) and invite new users. The project manager will also become an Admin in these projects. They will then see the same as the project owner. Both of these roles are available in the Team and Business tariffs.

Freelo plans


  • You will receive a 14-day free trial at the time of creating a Freelo account
  • in this 14-day period, Freelo behaves as unlimited
  • this period ends after 14 days and you automatically get to the Free plan – if you have exceeded the Free Projects limit, we recommend transferring projects to a person with a paid plan or archiving projects


  • free forever
  • 2 active projects (+ unlimited archived)
  • 2 invited users (will be in the Free plan – you and two others)
  • 222 MB per data


  • 590 CZK without VAT / month
  • 20 active projects (+ unlimited archived)
  • unlimited invitees (they will be in Free plan)
  • 10 GB data
  • API


  • 990 CZK without VAT / month
  • 50 active projects (+ unlimited archived)
  • unlimited invitees (they will be in Free plan)
  • 30 GB data
  • Project manager & Admin role
  • API


  • 2,900 CZK without VAT / month
  • active projects
  • unlimited invitees (they will be in Free plan)
  • 100 GB of data
  • Project manager & Admin role
  • API

How paid account and user roles work in 4 minutes


More tips

  1. Let the company create projects only selected people, whom you give the role Project manager.
  2. Set up multiple managers in projects so that everything doesn’t depend on just one person.
  3. The project owner can easily change it by transferring your projects to it.
  4. The right division of projects is crucial. Get inspired or write to us.
Updated on January 13, 2020

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