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Pinned items to the project

Do you have important links that are related to the project in general? On project detail is section Pinned items, where you can add information and assignments you want to have well visible.

You can refer to important tasks, team rules, external document storage or project note. Just share URL address.

Example of pinned items.

How to pin information

The link can be added via the green plus icon. Then input the URL address and name the pinned link > Save.

How to add pinned information.

Set up project sections

If you want to have the pinned information visible for everyone, edit the listing of project sections on detail of the project. Everyone will see the same order.

Go to detail of the project, find the icon of setting on the right and select Setting up project sections. The window with settings will appear.

Set up project sections.
Updated on 4.2.2021

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