Project budget

You can set up each project if you are a Captain/owner or Admin a financial budget and a time fund for that project.

When creating a new project, you can set the currency you want to use for the project. The currency in CZK is set by default. In addition to CZK, you can also set EUR and USD. The selected currency will then be calculated in your budget, tracking costs, and billing.


Currency in the running project can no longer be changed. Always think ahead in setting up a project in which currency you want to lead all the time.

Setting the currency when creating a project.

The first time you set up the Project budget, you will do it through the gear icon (settings) in the upper right of the project detail. You will also find the budget and its status in this area. If you already have one set up or already have some reports, you can click through to set recurring budgets and manual resetting of time and money.

Setting the budget on the project detail.

The sum of all project reports is deducted from the budget. The set total amount and time fund (Project budget) are then colored green or red depending on how much time and money are currently posted on tasks. If the time or set amount is exceeded, it will turn red. The green color indicates the budget is not exceeded.

Demonstration of exceeded budget.
Demonstration of budget overrun.

Repeated budget

Click on budget settings / repeats in the budget detail and check the Repeated Budget checkbox. Then you choose the date when the budget will be zero and how many months. Then just press save and the budget will be repeated.

Ideal if eg .:

  • Every month you work for the client for 10 hours
  • With a client you have a fixed fixed rate and you want to check that you do not sell and work more than you have.


Manual reset of the financial budget and

Views repeated budget detail in the budget.

time fund

You can manually reset the budget and timestamp on the budget detail, but all zeroing reports and history will be retained.

Sample zeroed budget.
You won’t lose any zero budget or time fund. Together with the reports, they will remain clearly in the budget history on the budget detail.

  • Individual To-Do sheets can have their budgets
  • Reporting the time and costs of tasks will allow you to track the financial side of the project.

Look also on how to report worked hours or budget for todo lists.

Updated on 4.2.2021

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