Project labels

You can find labels of the projects in several places:

  • In the All Projects section at the top menu.
  • In the Reports section > Billable timesheets at the top menu.
  • Watch out! Do not confound labels of the project and labels of the task.

How do I set up a project label?

You can set the labels on detail of the project right below the project’s title.

These labels are visible only to you and no one else. So you can class your projects exactly as you need.

What are the project labels good for?

Labels are good when you have a lot of projects. Typically when you are invited to many projects or have a lot of your own projects. In the section All Projects, you can turn on the filters that will make your listing more synoptical.

Filter according to label in section All projects.

Another reason to tag your projects is the method of billing. When you invoice one client for multiple projects, you can filter your projects and select the invoices you want to bill on the Finance>Billing page. You do not have to click on all the projects individually.

Use labels in section Reports > Billable timesheets.
Updated on 4.2.2021

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