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Project Notes

Notes are text documents for a project. Their main function is to keep important information about the project as for example:

  • Links to every related materials
  • List of important contacts for the project
  • Notes from the meeting
  • Wiki or specifics of the project
  • Descriptions of process and manuals

Do not share passwords in notes. Password manager apps are way better for this.

Notes detail.

How to create new note

On detail of the project is section Notes where via green plus button you can create new note.

Notes have preview and editing modes and also history of versions. Anytime the note is edited by anybody Freelo adds the new version. You cannot lose any written information and always get them back.

Version history of the note.

Note functions

Pin the note to the project

The note will show up on the detail of the project as a pinned information and will be more visible. It is good to pin the project assignment.

Pinned note to the project.

Pin the note to the To-Do list

The pinned note will appear as another item list. Thanks to note you can have an assignment or discussion to the whole To-Do list. Note can be written when adding a new To-Do list or anytime later via Notes > Pin to To-Do List.

How to add To-Do list with pinned note directly.
To-Do list with pinned notes.
How to pin the existing note to To-Do list.

Restrict access to a note

The basic note is visible to all users. The project captain can select people who will see the note. If you want to set up the access click on the plus button icon. In the list, you select the users who will see the note.

Select people who will have access to the note.

Discussions / Comments / Files at a note

You can discuss under the note the same way as in tasks. You can mention people that sends notification to users or attach files to make complex assignment with background documents.

The discussion under a note.

Follow the note

You can follow the note permanently as well as task. Thanks to that no new comments or note updates cannot be missed. In right menu click on Follow note.

How to follow a note.

Share the note

As well as task you can send the note to anyone via the secret public link. Use right menu and select Share via public link…

How to create public link for note.


Updated on 29.9.2020

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