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Project summaries

Do you want to see graphs and statistics? Take advantage of our Summaries and you can easily find out how effective your colleagues are or yourself. Click Reports in the main menu and then Reports again. You will see a bar chart of completed tasks for all projects.

Filter summary of projects

Clear filters in the summaries ensure that you see exactly the data you need to see. You can filter the summaries in the following way.

  • by Project Ownership: All Projects, Own Projects, Known Projects
  • by user
  • by period
  • by type of data: number of completed tasks, reported time, reported the amount.

An overview of the number of completed tasks

If you are interested in the number of completed tasks that you or your team have accomplished over a certain period, select the Completed tasks in the menu above the graph. You can still narrow your selection to specific users and your own or invited projects. You have the option of the period for which the data should be displayed.

Overview of completed tasks.

After you move the cursor to a column in the chart, you’ll see a specific number of completed tasks on that day.

Overview of the reported amount

If you use the Time reporting function, you can see the total amount reported for the selected period in your totals.

Overview of the reported amount.

Overview of the reported time

If you are honestly reporting time in Freelo over specific tasks, you can easily filter it out in summary report by reported time.

Updated on 25.3.2020

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