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Project templates

Project templates are here to help you quickly build type projects.

Sample project template.

Create a template

You can create a blank template and define successively to-do sheets with tasks and checklists / sub-tasks:

Or you can create it from a finished project.

Using templates for basic processes

You can add to-do worksheets from templates in the project

also checklists / sub-tasks for tasks already created.

You can have all the tasks clearly on the whiteboard. Just create a new project with predefined columns as your workflow. In Freelo, you can switch from To-Do sheets underneath to To-Do sheets in columns side by side – such a view is also called Kanban. You can name the columns by the phases in which the tasks are located.

Template with empty To-Do sheets for checking your workflow.

It is also possible to invite users to the project template. This allows you to share the template with other users who can use it.

On the detail of the template, in the Users section, choose who you want to share with.

What is transferred from the template to a new project

  • Structure of To-Do lists, tasks and sub-tasks
  • Notes
  • Assignment to yourself
  • Assign users to tasks (user must be invited to the template)
What we plan to improve in the future

  • Set slider terms based on the date the new project is created from the template.

Do you have any other tips for improvement? Clicking on one of the icons (green check/red cross) will display the form.


Updated on November 15, 2018

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