Project templates

Project templates help you to create typified projects quickly. There can be also pre-set deadline or solver of the task.

Template of the project Blog.

Create a template

You can create a new project template and define To-Do lists with tasks and subtasks gradually. Go the section Projects > All projects > Create template.

You can also create template from a project that already exists:

Templates for basic processes

You can select To Do lists and add them to already running project.

Or select only specific tasks or subtasks:

You can also view all the tasks as a board. Just create a new project with pre-defined columns as your workflow. You can switch from To-Do lists ranked below to To-Do lists in columns side by side – such a view is also called Kanban and name the columns by phases.

Template with To-Do lists for convenient workflow.

It is also possible to invite users to the project’s template. This allows you to share the template with other users who can use it.

Choose who you want to share the template with.

You can set up slipping deadlines, for example + 7 days. Due date of the task will be set up on the date pre-set in the template (since the task or project creation from template).

Set up slipping due date of the task.

What is converted from the template to a new project?

  • Structure of To-Do lists, tasks and subtasks
  • Notes
  • Assignment of the task to yourself
  • Assignment of the task to other users (user must be invited to the template)
  • Pre-set slipping due date of the task based on the date of creation from template

Text form of the template

You can have every template written in text form. It needs to have following structure:

= To-Do list
– Subtask

Text form of the template.
Updated on 4.2.2021

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