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Searching in tasks, To-Do lists or comments

Search in Freelo is a very powerful tool. In the upper right part of the blue bar you’ll find a search box. If the entered phrase matches tasks, projects or users, the search will offer those items.  It’s very fast and addictive.

Just start typing in search box.
TIP: See last visited tasks

If you only click to search field, you see the list of last visited tasks. It helps to go back and forward between few tasks, without typing or searching anything.

Example how to use search.

How search items in Freelo

There are two ways to use search field:

1. Suggestion

You can type part of the task or project name in the search box and the corresponding tasks/projects appear in the suggestions. It also works for users.

Search a keyword.

Searching isn't perfect yet

We know it would be a good idea t search files and contents. Freelo can’t do that yet. We will try to complete this function soon.

  • Do you want to find a ToDo List? Type its name into a search box and press ENTER. That moves you to search page, where you can specify what you’re looking for.

2. Recently visited tasks

When you click in the search box and write nothing, the list of recently visited tasks will appear. It’s cool thing to do and switch between the the tasks, you’re currently working on.

List of last visited tasks.

Search page/results

The search results page helps you to specify what you’re looking for. We search through these sections in fulltext:

  • To-Do lists
  • Tasks
  • Comments
  • Notes

Our search engine is also searching for free matches. So, for example, if you do not specify an accent, you should still find reasonable results.

Use filters

You can use filters regarding the author of the comment/task or specific project, where is the task placed. You can also search within the completed tasks, when you tick the box Search in completed tasks and press Search.

Example of search result.
Updated on 5.10.2020

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