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Setting payments for Freelo

To change the billing information or card information you use for Freela payments, go to Settings and click Payments or go straight to the Billing settings.

Change billing information

To change the billing information, just overwrite data in the form. The change will take effect from the next issued invoice.

How to change credit card

First, in Billing Setting unsubscribe repayments. Then go to the tariff selection page by clicking Change Tariff in your profile menu.

Select the desired tariff and walk through the guide until you have entered the new card. You can also enter a new card until Freelo expires.

Invoice for Freelo

We’ll issue an invoice for every Freelo payment. Then we will send you an e-mail and you’ll always have it available in the Payments section.

And if you need invoices to go to multiple emails, enter them at a payment for a tariff in this field:

You can enter other emails at any time in the Payments section.

Updated on January 13, 2020

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