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Setting user rights

In Freelo you can determine what one sees in the project.

User Rights for To-Do lists

The main content block is To-Do lists. These include tasks and discussions and files. In the Users section of the project detail, you can set who to see the To-Do list. This ensures that everyone sees only what you want.

Animation of user rights settings above the To-Do lists for a project.

User rights for notes

Notes are text documents for projects. Occasionally, some hints may be hidden. E.g. when you consult with the team details assignment to the project and do not want the client to see it.

Specify the users who see the note.

User rights for reports

User rights for reports The owner and administrator of a particular project can see the reports of all invited users automatically. Therefore, no invited user can hide their project report from them. However, each user can decide which other invited user wants to show the reports on a particular project. In the Reports section of the project detail, you set which of the invited users will see all the reports.

The role of the Admin

Do you want someone else to invite other users to the project or see financial statements? Just by setting up the Admin role in the Users section of the project detail.

You can also set the Admin role in the All Users section via the 3-drop menu on the right of the line for a particular user.

The role Project Manager

Do you need help with managing multiple projects from someone? Set him Project manager role. He can create new projects under your account and is set as Admin directly.

Owner and Project manager see:

  • Budgets / Budgets.
  • Financial statements of all users.
  • All notes.
  • All To-Do sheets, tasks and discussions.
  • Your own project labels (no one else will see them).

Invited user sees:

  • Your financial statements or the reports of the user who views them.
  • All notes until the owner / Admin assigns the note to a specific person / person.
  • Your own project labels (no one else will see them).
  • All To-Do sheets in which it has access, tasks and discussions.

On the detail of the project in the Users section, you can easily control which To-Do List user sees and who does not.

If you restrict user rights, then he can only see the events that are related to the selected To-do lists. Other project events are invisible to him.

Updated on 29.1.2020

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