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Task Calendar

Task Calendar can be your great help. It’s an overview of alk task’s deadlines. You can also very easily schedule and plan deadlines or create new tasks directly on specific days.

Calendar in Freelo.

Tasks without due date

In the left column, you can find a list of tasks that do not have deadline yet. You can drag and drop the tasks into the calendar and schedule the task quickly.

Plan the deadlines of the tasks.

Change the date by dragging the task

In the calendar, you can move the task by dragging the cursor. Go to the edge of the event and pull the task up after the arrow appears.

Changing the deadline and set the exact time

You can also change hour range of the task. Switch the calendar view to of the options: Week or Day.

You will see a larger number of tasks on a given day in a clear line below when you switch the view to Week:

Synchronize events to another calendar

You can easily synchronize Freelo tasks to Google Calendar, Outlook and other applications.

Updated on 1.4.2020

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