Task Reminder

Do you need to come back to the task later? Do you want the task to be reminded no matter when is the deadline? It is simple with task Reminder.

The Reminder can be set for every task. It doesn’t matter whether the task has deadline or not.

Few ways to set up the Reminder

Via the three-dot menu

In detail of the task

Via the notification center


Have you received notification on updated task and you should react? Are you too busy to do it now? You might want to do it later, so set the Reminder and Freelo will notify you for example the next day.

Choose one of the pre-set time or select My own and the setting is up to you.

Set up the time of Reminder.

Reminder's properties:

  • The Reminder notification is not connected to e-mail. It is within Freelo notifications only.
  • The Reminder cannot be filtered or visible anywhere.
  • Every task can have only one Reminder.

Updated on 4.2.2021

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