Timesheets overview

An overview of financial and time reports is a great way how to have a summary that will show the amount you and your colleagues have reported. If you are Admin of the project or it’s captain, you will also see the reports of all other users. As an invited user you can see only your own reports.

In the top menu click on Reports > Timesheets. Set up the filters, choose the users, projects and time period for which you want to see summary reports.

Table of report summary.

Reports can also be downloaded to a computer as a .csv file and made a billing document from them. Click Download (CSV) and save the file to the default directory on your PC.

CSV file = Excel

The CSV file is nothing more than just chart. It can read Excel or import it into Google Docs. Exports can be easily saved as a PDF via Excel. You can then send the invoice to the client.

Updated on 18.9.2020

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