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Tracking a task

Tracking a task means you will receive notifications – depending on your settings – on different activities over the task. Typically when someone commented a task, finishes or changes the deadline for the task.

You can track the task if someone will assign it to you, or you can assign it to someone else, or you will create the task yourself.

TIP: Remove people from the watch list who will not contribute on completing task

It often happens when we´re finishing a task where are a lot of people commenting a task and discussion is too long. So it is warning signal for you.

Think about it:  Is it really necessary for a completing a task that all users see what I am writing in the commentary?

If not, do not be afraid to remove some users from the watching list.

How to stop tracking a task?

You can always unsubscribe from the watch list. There are several options: Through the context menu, on the task detail, the notifications window, or the Dashboard on the tab of all the tasks being watched.

1. Context menu of the task

Stop watching the task via the context menu

2. Side menu on task detail

Stop watching task in side menu on the task detail

3. Notification windows

Animation: How to stop watching a task from the notification window.
Updated on October 16, 2017

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