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Weekly and monthly timesheets, overview of profits and costs

Report of all timesheets at one place. It will show you all the important items – worked hours and spend money. Take control over your profits and costs. There is many options to filter the views according to users, projects and so on.

It will give you answers to:

  • What were people working on and for how long.
  • How much money or time you spent and for what.
  • How much invoice your clients.
  • How much will people invoice you.
  • Which activities are (non)profitable.

Find the timesheets in upper section Reports > again Reports > Weekly and monthly.

Go to section Reports and then Weekly and monthly.
Example of timesheet tab with weekly and monthly reports.

View every day = white field or amount = light blue field can displayed detail of the particular time sheet.

You can filter and group your time sheets according to users, projects, To-Do lists or tasks. Also by costs or time.

Timesheet views

  • People
  • Projects
  • To-Do lists
  • Tasks
  • Time
  • Finances

Set up filters

You can safe different types of views that you will use repeatedly. You can save the views as a new filters or Freelo will remember one next time.

  • Selected people in particular projects in last month.
  • Particular To-Do list in last week.
  • Selected projects in last month.
  • Tasks with label Done this month.
Types of filters in timesheets.
Filter for particular users, project and all in last month.
TIP: Use fixed time filter

Thanks to time filter you can have the same view without setting the period each time.
– This week
– Last week
– This month
– Last month

How to save new filter

Click on the arrow on the green button (Filter). Then go to Save filter and name it as you wish.

Example how to save new filter.

Saved filters

All filters you save will display above the timesheet tab and you can quickly change your views.

List of saved filters.

Edit filter

All filters can be edited. Click on particular filter in top part where you can again add/delete users, projects or labels. Then click on the arrow and select Save or edit filter and in pop-up window Save changes.

Example how to edit filter.

Line up filters

All filters you save can be lined up by drag and drop.

How to line up your filters.

Delete filter

Filter can be deleted by clicking on the cross next to filter name.

Export to CSV

Anything you filter can be downloaded as CSV file that you can open in Excel or any other chart editor.

How to export the view to CSV file.

Sort timesheets

You can sort the views according to amount or alphabet.

How to sort the timesheets.
Updated on 4.2.2021

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